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John Deere Backhoe Attachments

If you are looking to buy a backhoe attachment to a John Deere Tractor, visit the John Deere Backhoe Attachments  page

John Deere is an amazing company.  They build high quality tractors and backhoes, and they keep getting better.  Their products are reliable, and everyone loves the John Deere green.  Unfortunately, their website is hard to maneuver and makes it very difficult to get a lot of information about their products.  For as much money as they seem to invest in marketing and product photography, they do an awful job of letting you get a high resolution view of their various tractors.  I can’t compete with a company as large and powerful as John Deere, but I can still get across some good information.  Actually, it’d be hard to convey information as poorly as their site.

 OK, here is the scoop.

John Deere makes 8 backhoe attachments for tractors.  The 7, 8B, 46, 48, 49, 260, 447, and 448.  There is no “one size fits all” with John Deere Backhoes.  You’ll have to carefully research which backhoe fits which tractors.  Here is a quick rundown (but definitely double check this with your dealer before you buy).  John Deere doesn’t even list a price for these backhoes, but I’ve done enough research to help you out with that.

 7 Backhoe: Works only with the 790 tractor.  Has a digging depth of around 6.5 feet. 
8B Backhoe: Works only with the 990 tractor.  Has a digging depth of around 8 feet.
46 Backhoe: Works with the 2320 and 2520 tractors.  Digging depth of 6 feet.  Offers some advanced hydraulics for improved digging force,  and comes with a subframe mounting bar.  Also has a metered valve spool that use of the backhoe with more precision.
48 Backhoe: Now we are getting to a backhoe that works with a lot of tractors.  This one runs on the 3120, 3320, 3520, 3720, 4120, 4320, 4520, 4720, 5103, 5203, 5303, and 5403 tractors.  Digging depth: 8 feet, and the same advanced hydraulic features as the 46.

This is a good video of a John Deere 46 Backhoe Attachment (Connected Via a 3 point hitch and powered with a PTO Pump) on a 2320 Tractor.  The backhoe is easily powerful enough to remove a huge stump from the earth.  I think this video does a good job of illustrating just how useful you can make your tractor by adding a backhoe to it.


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