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Liberty Wood Chippers

We have had several requests to post more information about other tractor implements. Here is a user comment.

Dear EverythingBackhoes.com,

Since you have lots of information about backhoes and not so much about other implements, I thought you might want to run a quick piece of information about the Liberty Wood Chipper (www.libertychippers.com). After spending so much on a Kubota B26 Tractor and Backhoe, I was looking for a few affordable implements. The Liberty Chipper was about half the price of chippers I found at my local dealership, so I gave it a shot even though I was a bit skeptical of buying a chipper online. It showed up pretty quickly after I ordered it, and after a bit of assembly I have been off and running shredding all the debris from various storms I’ve had.


Ed: You can read a good FAQ about the liberty chipper at www.libertychippers.net


Kubota L39 Tractor/Backhoe

Kubota L39 Backhoe

The Kubota L39 Backhoe has a 4 point quick mount attach, enclosure hydraulics, and a curved boom.
The tractor features 39 horse power.

Kubota M59 Tractor/Backhoe

Kubota M59

Kubota M59 Backhoe

The Kubota M59 Tractor features a 84″ backhoe (7 feet), and a 59 HP engine. The 3 point hitch has a lift capacity of 3000 pounds.

Digging a pool with a backhoe

Every wanted to dig your own pool? All you really need is a tractor powered cement mixer and backhoe attachment. $50 will be sent via Paypal to the first visitor who correctly identifies the model of this tractor and backhoe.

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